Strini industries were initially engaged in late 2013 by major national infrastructure contractor Downer EDI, under the instruction of Transport for NSW, to develop a similar system used by a United Kingdom company to help transform a 400-metre path in Gosford City Council into a safer and more user-friendly glow-in-the-dark footpath for pedestrians and cyclists.

Company director, Frank Strini, said the hurdles realised with this product posed significant potential health, safety and environmental concerns not meeting Australian standards and regularly requirements. Traditionally glow-in-the-dark products and coatings have been developed for a novelty nature due to the high costs of pure grade mineral, therefore generally synthetically manipulating the products for economic reasons. As with any typical Australian company, we believed we can do it better than anyone in the world, and we think we have.

With rigorous research and development and one and off site testing and trials, we have formulated a system that not only meets all environmental, health and safety requirements, but exceeds them. This has been achieved by engaging a core group of long term commercial relationships of highly specialised personal that include industrial chemists, pigment technicians, coating transfer engineers and skilled applicators.
The commitment from Transport NSW to have the confidence and faith in our company to deliver this system was not only a privilege, but all the motivation needed to make this happen. With this pilot project finally meeting approval from all stakeholders and user groups we were able to start and complete the project. Endurance of the afterglow properties exceeded our projections.
This initial pilot project has now allowed us to continue to improve system development through onsite evaluation due to the scale of the project. Positive feedback received from the community highlights the success of the product. Now being endorsed at local, state and federal government level, we can continue to strategically plan a roll out network.